OMG! The slap bracelet is back!!!

Remember the glorious 90's when your go-to accessory was a cheap piece
of plastic that could also be used as a playground weapon? Yeah, those
once tacky accessories are back, only now they're made of leather and
have embossed snake prints and giant jewels.
But, this time they are Super Fabulous and def ENGIESTYLE
The label BruceGlen has made these practical cuffs fashionable. No
more cheap plastics, just quality materials. They're stylish as any
other cuff you'll find and starting at $30.
The best part = The bracelets are unisex!

You know they will be all over this September's NYC Fashion week

Check out the website:


“Luv It”

Luv It   

Check out their website

Perfect for Mother’s Day           



“Pick of the Week”

I was very excited to have had the opportunity to use some of  Gabriel J. Shuldiner jewelry for photo shoots.
Check out the link: