Governing the Island

There are no fashion rules when it comes to music festivals. This is true for everyone, even the fashion designers in the audience (ahem, a very casual Alexander Wang spotted). People express their fashion choices in relation to where they are going to be and what kind of music they will be listening to, and that’s always fun to dress up to……Yes, I’m a confessed festival lover. With that being said, there will be those in the crowd that shine through their fashion choices more than others. This passed weekend at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival, Randall’s Island was swamped with everything from casual to over the top fashion. Here are my favorite looks, keeping it boho-casual.


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Electric Daisy Carnival

On sunday May 20th 2012, I was with all the other cool kids at EDC’s first ever New York venue! It was a day filled with great music, carnival rides and A LOT of neon clothing. One of the best festivals I have ever been to-YOU SHOULD ALL BE THERE WITH ME NEXT YEAR!!
Fashion wise….It seems like everyone ran out of their houses so fast and forgot to look in the mirror. I’ll forgive them though, just this one time. Out of the different performers roaming MetLife Stadium, the clowns definitely stole the show!

Unfortunately I was enjoying the music too much to take many pictures, but here’s one I took right before leaving my apartment :)

xx Sharona

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Billboard Babes!

Although there were many fabulous fashions to be seen on the red carpet at the May 2012 Billboard Music Awards..a few DEFINITELY caught my eye. The winners are Miley Cyrus in Jean Paul Gaultier, Taylor Swift in Elie Saab, and Carrie Underwood (looking VERY Carrie Bradshaw) in Oscar De La Renta. STUNNING!!!!! Check them out!!

xx Sharona

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“Coachella 2011″

Earlier Today: “Live from the main stage- Kings of Leon- Coachella 2011″

xx Ash


“Dynamic Duo “

Love It!!!

Rihanna’s remix for S&M featuring Brittany Spears

Love it when two powerful and successful women come together.



Britney Spears, Till The World Ends Video; Directed by Ray Kay

From the wet-look leggings to leather jackets with studs, Britney rocks the rock chic look. All in check: Fishnets, high-thigh boots, skinny black/ acid wash jeans, off the shoulder/fishnet tops and masculine jackets.

The rock chic look has been a staple trend since the days of the Rolling Stones, coming and going through fashion fazes. The cutt off gloves added even a harder edge. 

Over all:

Rock and Roll Glam, without the washed up 80s rock/pop star !! Great Job Britney!! Till The World Ends is the second single from Britney Spears’ new album, “Femme Fatale”. The song was produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin and it was co-written by Ke$ha.

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends