Here is a Glimpse of Designer Julie Brown ‘s Fall 2 0 1 1 Styled by Engie Hassan

Julie Brown - Fall 2011

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Picture of Knotviolence Necklace

I just styled the look book for Julie Brown and celebrities are already wearing them. Who do you think looks the best? xxE

Nicole from Fenton Moon Media – Behind The Scenes

Such an amazing shoot! It was a great pleasure working with photographer Stephen Wilson and model Nicole !! LoVe it!

"made earrings into rings" LoVe it. xxE

Polaroid of Nicole - phenomenal.

rah rah like a dungeon dragon. xxS

Julie Brown Designs – Behind The Scenes

Julie Brown Designs

Behind the Scenes photo shoot for Julie Brown Designs look book!

Julie Brown Designs

Another Behind The Scenes shot from our Julie Brown Designs photo shoot!

Julie Brown Designs

Such a great piece from the Julie Brown Designs look book photo shoot!

A Review of EngieStyle’s One Year Anniversary Party – written by Katrena Moore

A Tale Of The Black Dress: Marks The One-Year Anniversary Of EngieStyle

The black dress. This piece is so simple, yet so versatile, classic and chic that women all over the world can call it their own. A Tale of the Black Dress is a presentation hosted by the famed photographer Carrie Schechter, in recent celebration of featured celebrity stylist, Engie Hassan, and the one year anniversary of her company, EngieStyle.  The presentation marked the black dress a cosmopolitan fashion statement as Engie art directed, styled and customized and styled looks from eleven countries.America, Britain, France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Africa, Japan, China, India and Russia were showcased individually by a team of georgeous models. The show also highlighted the culturally diverse talent and visual appeal that Engie gives her clients. A Tale of the Black Dress proves that the black dress is every woman.

“I have a hopeful list of celebrities and magazines in which I would like to be the contributing stylist. Now, EngieStyle will be doing a hopeful collaboration with a huge publication that is of a different demographic and market than usual. This is a very big step for me with a lot of obstacles, hard work, and a challenge that I am personally excited to take.” -Engie Hassan, President and Stylist of EngieStyle

“I’ve got to tell ya, I’ve known Engie for a while now and I’ve seen her work at a variety of shows, But I never really knew how she did it. I was always a step in model for one of the shows that Marcy, the Creative Director for the Woman’s Mafia, put on and Engie was always the stylist. In September of 2010 I mentioned to Engie “if you ever need any help with anything, I would love to be there”, and that’s how it began. I never imagined that I would become apart of the EngieStyle team, but here I am! Engie has taught me to be true to who you are and what you want. I’m still trying to figure out what those things are for me but in the meantime I’m learning a great deal and I feel honored to be learning it all from a very talented person. I’m excited to see what happens next” -Ashley Crossman, Assistant to EngieStyle

Be sure to check out our one-on-one interview with Engie right here exclusively on The  Katswalk!

*You’re Beautiful: Interview with Engie Hassan

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EngieStyle’s One Year Anniverary Party Hosted by Carrie Schechter – Reviewed by Nina Ramadan

The Tale of the Black Dress: Anything but Basic

International stylist Engie Hassan, celebrated the one-year anniversary of her company, EngiesStyle,on Wednesday night. Renowned for her unique and classic approach to fashion, Engie showcased her talents in a fascinating styling presentation.

After an introduction from celebrity photographer Carrie Schechter, the lights dimmed, the music began, and Engie’s Tale of the Black Dress unfolded.

Eleven models, all donning black dresses, came out one-by-one, representing a different nation. Each dress was designed, embellished, and styled specifically to the fashions of the country it signified. Engie did an impeccable job successfully highlighting the trends of the various cultures, each one a passport into its oldest traditions.

India, Spain, Morocco, Africa, Japan, China, France, Britain, Russia, America, and Egypt were all featured during the presentation, sending guests on a dramatic journey around the world. Engie’s ability to turn basic black into a mesmerizing palette of styles is a feat I was most impressed by.  No head was left unturned as the models made their way through the crowd.

The over-the-top hair and makeup of the models further told the Tale of the Black Dress. The avant-garde approach taken added to the uniqueness of the presentation and captivated the essence of the different cultures flawlessly.

There is no doubt that Engie obtains the rare ability to stand out in the competitive world of styling, truly making her one-of-a-kind.

Makeup: Alicia Oliver, Jessica Butterfield, Ruth Fernandez, Mimi

Hair: Cora Harrell, Donald Francis

Designers: Dominique Auxilly, Shauntele



By Nina Ramadan

The EngieStyle Family.

Engie with all 11 of her models.

Engie being interviewed.

Engie and Nina Ramadan

You’re Beautiful: Interview with Engie Hassan

Engie Hassan is the stylist, president and founder of EngieStyle, launched in January.  In one year, Engie has taken on a celebrity and royal clientele and début an evening gown label, taking on the fashion world by storm.  A true inspiration, Engie continues to expand her company and name with grace and style.

KW: Tell me about EngieStyle.

EH: EngieStyle mission statement:

EngieStyle is a company specializing in fashion styling, personal shopping, creative directing and brand imaging. EngieStyle is catered to women and men from all different countries, cultures, religions and customs.  The company is dedicated to outstanding service and fashion leadership through sheer commitment to exceed clients’ expectations.  Our clients express themselves through their clothing, and we ensure they are always elegant, chic and timeless.  I ask, ‘Where are you going?’ and I’ll tell you what to wear.

KW: Where were your internships?

EH: Vogue- This internship was my first exposure to styling. After assisting Grace Coddington I realized that I that had a passion to become a stylist. I knew there was lots to learn. Vogue prepared me for every situation I would later come across and opened doors that one could only dream.

Paris Vogue- It was a dream. It was my shortest assignment. I got to attend the fashion couture shows during Paris Fashion Week. Being in Paris around the most luxurious fashion brands and breathing all the couture made me fall in LOVE. Also, interning for Paris Vogue in Paris is where I realized that fashion styling was more than a passion, it was my DESTINY.

Teen Vogue- Teen Vogue was a challenge because I was styling for a completely different demographic than I was accustomed. I remember being very nervous to start because by having Vogue and Paris Vogue on my résumé, I knew the editors would expect me on a certain level. I wasn’t a typical intern. I had a lot of responsibility in all different areas. I gained a unique relationship with a few of the editors who became my mentors. Teen Vogue was special because the editors really believed in what I wanted to carry out and strongly mentored me to that exact platform. The editors even allowed me to pull accessories when I traveled to Egypt and Dubai to bring back for future shoots that were later used in the publication.

Numero- When I started the Numero Magazine internship, I was ready to express what my ideas were for the shoot. I was lucky to assist Heather Mary Jackson who allowed me to ask, question and express my thoughts.

Freelance styling:

I was told by many editors that I had an ‘eye’ to add the perfect accessories for shoots. Sometimes they asked my opinion for spreads and would use my concept/idea!

KW: What a great form of feedback! How long have you lived in NYC?

EH: [Laugh] I grew up in New Jersey and currently still live there, where I commute to the city. I’m Egyptian, and also spent some time in Egypt. I feel the Egyptian culture has a certain luxury to it that fuels my ideas.

KW: How do you feel working in NYC helps your career as opposed to living in another major city?

EH: NYC is the fashion capital of the US. Everything that has to do with the fashion industry is here. The major fashion weeks, publication head quarters, the garment district, etc. Everything is here! Once again there are so many cultures and backgrounds that feed off of each other, and it’s wonderful! It’s the ‘mecca’ for fashion

KW: What is your opinion regarding the future of ‘the magazine’?

EH: This question comes close to my heart it actually was a part of my thesis for my masters. I hope and will dedicate time to prove the importance of this issue forever. There will always be print! There is still a large demand and need for print in the industry. Tear sheets are still a commodity for portfolios, and the excitement and anticipation for the classic print each month is timeless.

KW: Who and/or what inspires you?

EH: I think every single person I’ve ever met in my life has inspired me in some way. Even if the interaction was positive or a negative, [laugh]. I don’t think we realize how much we influence others.

KW: Who is your favorite designer?

EH: I love all designers. Also, it really depends on my mood and for what.

KW: Who is your favorite stylist?

EH: Grace Coddington.  She makes the editorial spread a fantasy and a dream.  A dream that you wish to become part of.  She creates!  She directs!  She captures the moment that only a true artist could describe.  Her fashion story spreads are like mini movies.  When I accompanied Grace on a photo shoot while I was interning at Vogue in 2006, it was that very moment that I realized I wanted to be a Fashion Stylist. I wanted to create mini fantasy movies!

KW: Any last words or advice to give to aspiring stylists?

EH: *Fashion is a whole world that is expressed in infinite ways, where nothing is really wrong.

*Before you style, think what for, who and where you’re styling

* It is really important to have an amazing team! I’m blessed with mine <3 xxE

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Haute Hulaween 2010: By Nina Ramadan, Contributor to EngieStyle and Fitness Magazine

It was no tricks and all treats at the 15th annual New York Restoration Project Hulaween Gala on Halloween weekend. The stars came out to celebrate the charity, whose mission is to help maintain a cleaner, greener New York City by developing parks and community gardens throughout the five boroughs.

While the flashing lights outside the Waldorf Astoria focused on the red carpet of the event, the real action was taking place behind the scenes.

Engie Hassan, Co-Chair Junior Committee for the after-party of the event and president of EngieStyle, turned attendees blue with envy when she entered as an Avatar. Covered entirely in airbrushed sapphire makeup, the trendsetter and judge for best costume completed her transformation with those famous waist-length braids and silver face markings, typical for her character.

The drama and complexity of Hassan’s jaw-dropping costume took close to two hours for professional makeup artist Christopher Neptune Aguero to complete.

The effort did not go unnoticed however. Hassan recalls, “Everyone thought I was a celebrity and wanted to be in a picture with me…I felt like I had stepped right out of the movie.”

While Hassan’s over-the-top look may require professional assistance, intern Ashley Crossman’s look proved that simple can still be Halloween glam.

Dressed in a pinstriped strapless body suit and faux fur vest, Crossman oozed the elegance and style of Barbie Classic. Crossman was her own personal makeup artist for the night, channeling Barbie with flawless foundation, a sheer cheek color, and a bright pink lip. Her eyes were the focus, lined in winged black liner and highlighted with sky-high lashes.

Crossman had no hesitation when deciding her costume for the gala. “Barbie is where fashion and beauty began. I wanted to portray that in a fun way. And besides, who doesn’t love Barbie Classic? Where it began!”

To further accomplish Barbie’s easy and timeless appearance, fellow intern Stephanie Luzuriaga styled Crossman’s updo. Her blonde locks were teased and pinned at the crown to create major volume. The length of her hair was curled into large spirals, and pinned loosely at the nape of the neck. In combination with her minimal makeup, this retro hairstyle transformed Crossman into Barbie Classic effortlessly.

Opting for a simple look like Crossman’s is ideal for those interested in a costume idea that does not require professional help. Crossman used beauty products available at most stores, including L’Oreal Infallible foundation, Mattese Elite false lashes, Maybelline Color Sensational Red Revival lipstick, and Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara.

Achieving a dramatic look like Hassan’s will require some help, however. For her transformation, Aguero first hydrated and primed the skin with Chanel Hydramax + Active Cream to give it hours of refreshing moisture. After applying Mac face and body foundation, Aguero airbrushed Hassan’s entire face and neck with a blue airbrush makeup from Mac. The makeup was then set with Chanel’s Poudre Cristalline, a fine loose powder to prevent the makeup from moving. Hassan’s lashes were double up with falsies, and eyes lined in Chanel’s waterproof liner in Ebene and Noir Lame to give a long-lasting smoky affect. To create traditional Avatar tribal markings on Hassan’s face, Aguero combined gold pigment with shadow transformer to create a creamy texture. The fastest way to remove this extreme makeup is by using cleansing oil, which helps to break it down.

For those considering a transformation into an avatar next fall, Aguero assures, “Anyone can create an Avatar because all avatars are different and can come off in your own unique way.”

If you find yourself unable to decide on a costume when Halloween season rolls around next year, Hassan has some helpful advice. “Go all out! Halloween is only once a year, so definitely make your costume worth the one night! Always be creative and be something people wouldn’t expect you to be.”

By Nina Ramadan; Contributor to EngieStyle

Engie Hassan of EngieStyle as Avatar

Engie, before.

Ashley Crossman; “classic” Barbie; Engie’s Assistant

Nina Ramadan; Contributor to EngieStyle

Meet Engie Hassan, Designer, Stylist, Bergdorf Goodman Personal Shopper: PAMELA PEKERMAN

Dear Bagistas,

It’s been a long and inspiring day. What a way to jump back into the work week after a vacation! Before I call it a day, I want to introduce you to a very exciting gal who is one of my Power Women – the ladies that give me the mojo to keep pushing and growing my business. Her name is Engie Hassan and we met about two years ago at an event hosted by another power woman, Kathryn Finney aka The Budget Fashionista. Engie approached me as I was getting some wine. I can’t recall what we talked about in that brief, first encounter, but I can recount her immaculate ensemble and infectious energy. “This girl was going places,” I thought.

Fast forward two years and Engie has gone from Vogue staffer to personal shopper atBergdorf Goodman and the Pierre Hotel to image consultant to stylist for celebrities and royalty. Last month, Engie realized yet another dream when she launched her premier fashion collection, “Rouge et Noir,” as part of “Once Upon A Time,” a fashion presentation to benefit the New York Restoration Project’s MillionTreesNYC initiative. As Engie puts it, “My collection is inspired by the modest, classical style of the stars and starlets of the bygone Golden age of Hollywood.” As a lover of sensuality over sexually and classical versus trend chaser, I happily co-chaired Engie’s event. Below are some sketches of her first collection. I can’t wait to see what future season’s have in store as this multi-talented stylist and designer tweaks and toils away. And, Engie, I will take you up on the offer of borrowing a few pieces here and there ;)