Street Walkers-NYC

As soon as I get off the subway, I am always amazed with the fashion and style New York holds. However my last trip, I actually asked a few people if I could take a picture of their unique ensembles.  At first I was intimidated to ask others but towards the end I got so comfortable to compliment their outfits. Here are a few street walker outfits I loved! Which one is your favorite? Stay beautiful!


Miley Cyrus’s blonde pixie cut?!

Did you see Miley’s latest mobile upload? Well last night she uploaded a picture of her with a blond pixie cut. YES, Miley has a bob now! Miley enjoys new looks with her hair, lets see how long this one will last. “Never felt more me in my whole life ?” Miley tweeted. “most successful Sally day EVER! ??? I feel pretty ohhhh so pretty and gayyyy.” What do you fashinista’s think about her new look? Stay beautiful!

xx Maya

obsessed with POLKA DOTS

I’ve noticed that my closet has been overflowing with polka dots! How about yours?  I love to mix them with  patterns such as stripes. Polka dots make your outfits more enjoyable when matching them together. I just love how simple the pattern is,  yet can pull off a fun look! Are you beautiful fashionista’s loving polka dots as well!? Stay Beautiful!


Prom Season!

This year, teenage girls are dying to get their hands on the exact dresses celebrities have worn.

The most popular are Taylor Swift’s strapless Jovani dress she donned during her Fearless tour and Selena Gomez in Sherri Hill prom dress she performed in a couple weeks ago.

Well now you don’t have to spend that much and still look RED CARPET ready for PROM! Starting next week, Engie will be choosing dresses that would be perfect for prom and that wnt cost your whole summer allowance.. Come back to Engie’s world to view!