A Cover Story

Sometimes things that are planned do not work out, yet it turns out for the better. Sound familiar? Anna Wintour seems to believe so, and so do I. For her first Vogue cover in November 1988, Wintour completely changed the look of what was expected of the magazines representation. A typical Vogue cover would portray a model clad in fancy jewelry and excess make-up, but this cover changed it all. Israeli model Michaela Bercu did not fit into the skirt that was meant to go with her top, so Wintour styled her in jeans instead. Michaela’s jeans were not the only thing out of the ordinary on this Vogue cover. The moment captured is candid, differentiating from the usual posed models, and this sparked something within Wintour. Regarding the iconic cover Wintour has said, “I had just looked at that picture and sensed the winds o f change,” and “This one broke all the rules.” She was bold since day one and was not scared to change things up, which is exactly how you must be in the lovely world of fashion. This was the beginning of a new era for Vogue, one we are still enjoying today.


Photo Credit: Peter Lindbergh

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