EngieStyle Mission Statement
EngieStyle is the premier luxury styling brand recognized for its merchandise, leadership, and superior customer service.

EngieStyle is a company specializing in fashion styling, personal shopping, creative directing and brand imaging. EngieStyle is catered to women and men from all different countries, cultures, religions and customs.

With a modern energy and great flair, the company is dedicated to offer fashion leadership and outstanding service to clients through sheer commitment by providing them with a highly personalized and unique experience.

“Our clients express themselves through their clothing, and we ensure they are always elegant, chic and timeless. We are constantly striving to provide clients the finest fashion and quality products in an exceptional environment.” Engie Hassan

EngieStyle offers the following services: Personal Shopping, Personal Stylist, Closet Rehab, Style Profile, Personal Lookbook, Wardrobe Styling, Email Consults, Shopping Support, Makeovers, Problem Fix Areas, Special Occasion Styling, Walking Tours, Showroom Shopping, Gift Selection, In-Store Personal Appearance EI and Corporate Gifts.

Personal services are suited for women and men and available to clients in the New York City area. Selected services are offered to clients abroad via telephone, email and online video chat. Interested in hiring EngieStyle ? Email or fill out this short questionnaire.

It is my belief that everyone can look and feel great by dressing well and that how you present yourself to the world is an instrumental part of your success. As a personal stylist I work with you to transform and build an overall image and look based on your lifestyle, body type, skin tone and personality. We will build a functional and stylish wardrobe based on your individual needs.

Most popular service and the first part of your style transformation! After an initial consultation, clear out all of the ill-fitting, unwanted and outdated clothing to make room for a new functional wardrobe. In addition to getting rid of useless garments, we will discover the items that work and mix them with existing pieces or new pieces to create a wearable outfit. A plan is made. The plan states what items of clothing and accessories clients need to remove from their wardrobe and what items they should purchase in order to update their wardrobe for the coming season. It also gives them helpful hints about how to coordinate items to create a new look. Analyze of shoes, accessories, and bags, season-by-season, in order to decide what to eliminate, donate, and take to consignment stores or to the tailor for alterations. A list will be provided of various charities and consignment stores that will take the unwanted clothing. Closet Rehab makes a great gift to family or friends!

This is the key tool used by my clients to ensure a successful purchase when not shopping together. The Style Profile helps you select the right items for your wardrobe based on your needs and budget. The profile will contain basic silhouettes, colors and fabrics based on your body type and coloring in a simple, easy to use BUY and DON’T BUY list for quick reference while shopping.

Your own personalized magazine/journal that provides visuals of looks that work for you. The Personal Lookbook contains casual, daytime/work and evening looks for each season that are based on timeless styles and edited for each client’s needs. Seasonal trends are included as well.

Engie will walk you, step-by-step, through the process of getting dressed so that you’ll look fabulous for every occasion. She will carefully and patiently teach you how to create easy, everyday looks and styles that can take you from day to evening. Engie will customize the perfect wardrobe for you by selecting the right designers, cut, color palette and fit for your body type. She will make getting dressed fun and easy. You won’t ever stare blankly at the inside of your closet again!

Based on the package you select you will receive a limited time email consultation. Feel free to email Email with any fashion styling or beauty related questions.

Engie is completely independent; she is not affiliated with any particular stores or fashion labels. The sole reason she takes you to certain boutiques is because she knows the labels and styles in the store will suit your body shape, lifestyle, function and budget. She knows exactly where to find the pieces that will fill any ‘gaps’ you may have in your wardrobe. Engie has the objective eye, the creative eye and the bargain spotter (real bargains not mistakes!) she saves you from returning home with three handbags that were on sale instead of the work pants you desperately need.

Engie provides her clients with a complete makeover and gives them the knowledge to maintain their new look. She works with her clients to establish how they feel about their current personal style and how they would like to feel. Engie then discusses how they can create the look they desire. She organizes a hair stylist, beauty therapist and a shopping experience all in convenient locations for her clients and within their budget.

Many clients find they have a particular body area or areas which they are unhappy with and have continual problems dressing this area. Engie discusses ways for her clients to successfully style themselves as a whole. Trying on various shapes and cuts to practically highlight what suits and does not suit their body type. She also gives hints and advice on how to draw attention to other areas of the body or to change the fabric, under garment or accessories worn to make a real difference.

Not sure what to wear to a cocktail party on a Sunday afternoon? How do you stand out but not be over the top if you are ‘the mother of the bride’? Or what do you wear if the invitation says ‘lounge suit’ or ‘garden party’? It’s important to be dressed appropriately and even more important to feel ‘right’! Dress codes and standards can vary so much depending on the time, day of the week, venue, number of guests and reasons for the event. Engie knows what to wear when and how to find it; she has a particular talent for helping her clients dress for special occasions. She meets with her client to discuss the finer details of the occasion and then established with them the sort of look they envisage for themselves; she provides them with ideas and advice. Then arranges a shopping date(s) were she takes her client directly to the most appropriate stores. She helps her clients perfect their look; teaming shoes and accessories to it complete. Gone are the days of walking all over town to find the right shoes to match your dress. Engie knows exactly where to shop.

Everyone can get caught in the trap of shopping at the same stores because it is familiar and easy. Experience new stores and different places in New York City as I guide you through various neighborhoods and shopping districts like the Meatpacking District, SoHo, East Village, West Village and the Upper East Side.

One of the benefits of shopping in New York is having access to designer showrooms. While not all designers open their doors to the public, many will work with selected stylists. I can arrange visits to designer showrooms for you to view and order current and upcoming seasonal merchandise. Appointments will be scheduled and I will work with you and an account manager to select the best items for your wardrobe.

Finding the perfect gift is difficult and gift cards are boring! Let me shop for you and select several unique and tasteful items within your price range that are specifically selected for each recipient. In addition to clothing and accessories, I can provide you with unique gifts like home furnishings, personal services, collectibles and antiques. Upon final selection, the items will be elegantly wrapped and delivered either to you or the recipient.

Company Style Seminars and image service
Just like an individual, a business needs to put their best face forward and many companies are faced with the challenge of their employees not understanding how their appearance reflects the image of the company they work for. While it is important for each person to reflect their own unique style, it is also important for a business to have their overall image reflected in their employees.[/EXPAND\

Express thanks in a way that is synonymous with your image and think out of the box during the gift giving season. Engie will curate a selection of unique and elegant gifts for each of your associates and clients.