obsessed with POLKA DOTS

I’ve noticed that my closet has been overflowing with polka dots! How about yours?  I love to mix them with  patterns such as stripes. Polka dots make your outfits more enjoyable when matching them together. I just love how simple the pattern is,  yet can pull off a fun look! Are you beautiful fashionista’s loving polka dots as well!? Stay Beautiful!


American Girl-Memorial Day

Oh say can you be fashionable on your MDW! Lets not forget Memorial Day is about the United States, so you can show some respect by wearing red, white and blue. Who says wearing your nation’s colors means you have to wear a flag on your chest? (fashion No No). One of my favorite ways to look spirited are printed star cut-off denim shorts with a white tee! Kylie Jenner shows a great example below! Color-blocking is one of the most popular and easy to follow trend of 2012. You can use this trend on your Memorial Day outfit, by wearing blue shorts and a red top or vice versa. Enjoy your fashionable day!

Kylie Jenner shows a great spirited outfit for Memorial day!