A Cover Story

Sometimes things that are planned do not work out, yet it turns out for the better. Sound familiar? Anna Wintour seems to believe so, and so do I. For her first Vogue cover in November 1988, Wintour completely changed the look of what was expected of the magazines representation. A typical Vogue cover would portray a model clad in fancy jewelry and excess make-up, but this cover changed it all. Israeli model Michaela Bercu did not fit into the skirt that was meant to go with her top, so Wintour styled her in jeans instead. Michaela’s jeans were not the only thing out of the ordinary on this Vogue cover. The moment captured is candid, differentiating from the usual posed models, and this sparked something within Wintour. Regarding the iconic cover Wintour has said, “I had just looked at that picture and sensed the winds o f change,” and “This one broke all the rules.” She was bold since day one and was not scared to change things up, which is exactly how you must be in the lovely world of fashion. This was the beginning of a new era for Vogue, one we are still enjoying today.


Photo Credit: Peter Lindbergh

Anna, Always In Our Hearts

“She dresses the way one plays a role. She’s a great performer, but she is also the author of the play,” is something Karl Lagerfeld once said describing Anna Piaggi. Known for her expressive and eccentric style, the late fashion icon will always be remembered as one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. She was one of the most notable front row faces, and has a devoted following of her whimsical two page spreads in Vogue Italia . Her outfits were always carefully rendered although they may appear to be thrown together. She was always expressing a story through fashion and has said,” My philosophy of fashion is humor, jokes, and games. I make my own rules.” Anna was a muse to many influential designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Manolo Blahnik and Stephen Jones.

Anna will be forever missed and always be in our hearts.


Photo Credit: Glamour.com

The Ultimate Grand Prize

Yesterday, the top ten finalists in the running to win the 2012 CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund competition were announced. The organization, which was established in 2003, is for budding designers that will compete for a mentorship from an industry icon, and a cash prize. By the end of the month, the designers will show their collections to a group of esteemed judges, which will be followed by designing jewelry for Tiffany & Co., and putting on a runway show at Los Angeles’s Chateau Mormont. Last year Joseph Altuzarra was the lucky winner, walking away with a $300,00 prize. On November 13 a winner will be declared, and one of the following finalists will win the ultimate grand prize….Good luck!

Andrea Lieberman-A.L.C.

Greg Armas-Assembly New York

Sofia Sizzi-Giulietta

Justin Salguero, Daniel Silberman, Alina Silberman- Illesteva

Jennifer Fisher-Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Jennifer Meyer Maguire-Jennifer Meyer

Max Osterweis, Erin Beatty-Suno

Tabitha Simmons-Tabitha Simmons

Greg Chait-The Elder Statesman

Wes Gordon-Wes Gordon